Realizing the role of thought behind it all.

We believe aside from legal resolution of your case, identifying and analyzing the thinking and motivations that resulted in your legal situation is crucial to successfully moving on, both to the individual and to the family as a whole. We strive to not temporarily solve an issue, but provide approaches and methods to create a strong decision-making foundation to bring to all future problems and challenges.

The Perspectives Program can have a big impact in the following areas:

• Family interactions

• Decision-making

• Managing difficult situations

• Successfully overcoming past obstacles

• Creating a better life

The individual or your entire family will proceed through some or all of the process steps.

The Introduction

We meet for about an hour with the individual and/or family to listen and ask questions in order to gain an overall understanding of their concerns as well as those of their family – what they would like to see in terms of outcomes and vision of the retreat. The Initial Visit is a meeting to enhance our initial understanding through:

5 Talking Points:

• What are your concerns?

• How does your family interact?

• How effective are you?

• What are your strengths and weaknesses?

• What is success for the individual and family?

3 Objectives:

• 1st blush understanding

• 1st blush recommendations

• 1st blush brainstorming of refined concern and possible solutions

Where appropriate, we explain the “Perspectives” process and how we will address those concerns and/or set a time for the retreat.


We begin with an hour phone interview with the family. Then, during 20-30 minute interviews with family members we will assess the most prevalent and current concerns and issues for you. We gather and synthesize the input from these interviews, draw the most common and relevant themes, and develop an agenda for the retreat.

The retreat is run in 4 half-day sessions over a 2-3 day period. The retreat begins with a report of the findings from the interviews. The remainder of the retreat revolves around three areas:

Assessment of the Issues

We discuss and explain how their most prevalent concerns and challenges (as identified in the intake
process) get distorted and magnified to varying degrees within the minds of every person in the family. The fact that the degree of challenge in a person’s life varies is proof that everyone has the ability to be one of those people that are less challenged. We explain how to move yourself in that direction to encourage a better life.

Possible Solutions

In a concrete way, we explain how the individual or the family can make greater use of how they see and think through options to find better solutions. These solutions would be responsive to the bigger picture and allow individuals to recalibrate as things change.


We explain the potential for the individual or family to better enjoy life. We also explain what factor will be the biggest challenge in using this potential. This segment will help the individual and/or family to be more accountable and to have more clarity around challenges, choices, and results.

Outcomes for the Retreat

• A better understanding of the source and possible solutions to the issues that were identified in the intake as well as a foundation to bring this to all future problems and challenges.

• The family will have a stronger basis to work effectively together, with a more natural unified vision, easier and more synergistic interactions and the knowledge to bring these qualities to all future interactions.

• The individual and family will refine their skills, being able to see things from the others’ point of view, and gain a stronger commitment to being of service to each other.

• A better understanding of the choices yet to be made, the factors driving the options, and outcomes.

Retreat Summary

The family and/or individual will be given a written summary of the main topics covered in the retreat including specific action items. The summary will include implications for the future and the projected short-and long-term impact of the retreat.

Action Items Follow Up

We schedule three phone consultations (or possible in-person meetings) in the three months following the retreat to follow up on the progress in implementing what you have learned.


The family meets with our team to review and clarify the results of our engagement.

Engagement Fee

Starting at $12,500