Step 1: Review



  • What were you charged with?
  • When is your court date?
  • Which courthouse?
  • Short version of ‘what happened.’

Schedule Initial Appointment to educate client about process of:

  • What to expect.
  • Potential outcomes.
  • Next step procedurally.




  • Understanding of client, family (who are you).
  • Confirm charges, court dates (review of court documents, bail documents).
  • Long version of ‘what happened’ ~ detailed recount of incident.
  • Review particular facts of the case in context of legal rights.
  • Review legal process (arraignment, readiness, preliminary hearing, possible second)
  • Clarify misunderstandings; Answer questions.
  • Ample time is taken to understand client’s unique situation.
  • Explain ‘reality’ of situation
  • Explain possible outcomes.
  • Formulate strategy to vigorously defend case.
  • If incarcerated, formulate strategy (either O.R. release or reduction of bail to reasonable)
  • Review:  steps, timeline, milestones.
  • Fee agreement (arraignment, readiness, law and motion, ultimately trial amount); coordinate release.

Watch the Review Process



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