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About Cabrillo Law Group

aboutusimageAt Cabrillo Law Group, we listen to your unique situation, explain the legal process and a range of the probable outcomes, then suggest choices that may improve your outcome. We understand who you are outside of the case and build your case with your assistance. As we negotiate on your behalf, we work together to develop better possible outcomes. Ultimately, at Cabrillo Law Group, we resolve your case.

Our attorneys are readily available to communicate with you. Through our years of experience in the Southern California Criminal Law community, we have relationships that can help.

We take the time to understand you and your unique situation, which in turn help us to explain the process, realities, and probable outcomes of your case. Cabrillo Law Group attorneys are on your side throughout the entire process.

Your attorney will be working directly with YOU and YOUR family on YOUR case.

At Cabrillo Law Group, we are strong believers in attaining better results than most firms. We strive for ultimate satisfaction among our clients and their families. We believe in individualizing our clients in an overburdened system.

Our experienced attorneys recognize the moments when small choices make the biggest differences. Our attorneys have 25-35 years of local criminal law experience and are not 25-35 years old.

At Cabrillo Law Group, we believe that nuance makes all the difference and we also believe in trying at every turn.

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys are ready to help you with DUIs, Domestic Violence, Drug Offenses, Theft and many other criminal situations that you may need legal representation on.

We counsel through all steps of the process and help our clients understand the process, the variables ranges of outcomes and the final record. We understand that family participation can be crucial at multiple stages of the process and through the final resolution.